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Staples. A cornerstone of the office. They go hand-in-hand with a stapler, and is located on pretty much every desk in America. These two office supply 'staples' (pun intended) have had some of of revisions over the years, but not a single thing that totally revolutionized the way people keep their documents together. Is it necessary to reinvent or do away with staples? Maybe, maybe not. Staplers do their job well, but it's time to regulate. Let's keep our stuff together without the drive for s! Time to live green. It's recognized that if you dog-ear a small stack of papers, they'll stay together for the most part. It's quick, and works in a pinch. If you need something a little more long lasting minus the use of steel, however, try this stapleless stapler. It punches a neat little puncture in the paper, then folds over the cut-out tidbit back into the puncture. It sounds a little complex, but check out the picture below to see what I mean.

The only drawback is that this stapler works with a narrowed lot of pages. If you 're stapling a big stack, you'll most likely want to whip out the classic stapler.

It's a neat concept, but one that serves a limited character. Use it on a short document, like a school paper, and I guarantee you'll get critical reviews on it's novelty. Fold the corner. Filled out? Not so fast. One swipe and that stack of papers is all out of order. You need something more advanced to make sure all the stuff stays together.
First, fold down a corner of your paper stack towards the front of your papers. Then make two parallel slits in the middle of the folded corner. Start on from the folded corner, then chop inwards. This makes one small tab. Now you can fold this little tab towards the front of your papers. This may suffice, but if you want to give your "staple" extra strength, go to the next step. Return the tab to its natural put so it's flush with the folded corner. Then, push down on the top of the tab so that it comes down over both sides of the folded corner. Press down on both sides of the folded tab, and you 're done.

This is a fairly complex routine to evade a staple, but I 'm fairly certain with practice, you'll be able to perform a this system with explosiveness. In the end, are these stapleless staple options interesting? Sure. Are they practical? Questionable. It's favorable to see progressive ideas taking hold, though. These are not as useful as the tried-and-true stapler yet, but with some more innovation, we could see a brutally effective stapleless stapler in the future. All that's needed is is creative minds, and the solutions will come.